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Vinegar Making Kit (Deluxe)
Vinegar Making Kit (Deluxe)

Vinegar Making Kit (Deluxe)

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Vinegar Making Kit Deluxe
This kit is for those who want to make vinegar from their own homemade wine, beer, hard cider or other fermented beverage. This kit includes the Vinegar making kit plus the Vintners 1 Gallon Wine Making Kit 
This all inclusive kit contains the equipment you will need to make your own fermented beverage and vinegar 1 gallon at a time. Both kits come with books that are very easy to read with all the instructions you will need on how to make vinegar from your own wine, beer and cider.
Making vinegar is very rewarding and easy to do. All you will need is some type of alcohol such as wine, beer, hard cider with 6%-12% alcohol that can be converted to vinegar. 

If your interested in making flavored vinegar's, flavored vinegar's by Glenn Andrews is a good starter book that will give you plenty of recipes and Ideas for flavored vinegar and recipes for food as well using the vinegar you make. Please see the option below.

Vinegar Kit Includes:
1-Gallon Glass Wide Mouth Jar w/lid
1-16 oz. Vinegar Bottle w/Cap
1-8 oz. Mother Of Vinegar
1-Cheese Cloth
1-5" Funnel
1-Vinegar Making Book
1- Rubber Band

1 Gallon Wine Kit Includes:
2 Gallon Bucket with Lid
Winemakers Recipe Handbook
1 Gallon jug 
5' of tubing & shut-off clamp
3 piece Airlock
Drilled Plastic 38 mm Cap for Jug 
Coarse Straining Bag
Easy Clean Cleanser
Sodium Campden Tablets
Active Freeze Dried Wine Yeast
Mini Auto Siphon

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