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Vintner's Harvest Plum Puree 49oz

Vintner's Harvest Plum Puree 49oz

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Vintner's Harvest Plum Puree 49oz

Plum Puree is comprised of ripened, washed, pitted and sorted purple plums. Plums are harvested in September. The product contains no preservatives and no additives. 

Physical Properties: 
 pH: 3.01 – 3.60 
 Brix: 14.0° – 24.0° 
 Specific Gravity 1.057 – 1.074 
 Viscosity: 11.0 – 17.0 cm/60 sec (Bostwick at 70°F) 
 Color: Brownish-red, typical of cooked plums

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