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Vintners Reserve Bergamais (Beaujolais) Wine Kit

Vintners Reserve Bergamais (Beaujolais) Wine Kit

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Bergamais (Beaujolais)
Vintner's Reserve

Wine Region: California

This refreshing, fruity ‘nouveau style’ wine shows the bright cherry flavours and aromas of the Gamay grape. Typically consumed young and served slightly chilled. It can be enjoyed on any occasion.

Sweetness: 0  out of 10

Body: 2  out of 5

Oak: 0  out of 3

10 Liter  kit will yield approximately: 6  Gallons of Finished Wine.
28 to 30 750 ml bottles.

Included with Kit:
  • Juice Concentrate 18 Liters
  • Yeast
  • Stabilizers
  • Clarifying Agents
  • Flavor Pack
  • Full Set of Instructions
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5 Stars
C'est bon!
I've gotten into the habit of making high end kits, but then I drink them before their time. I decided to make a Bergamais kit. I substituted yeast, using CR51 (as an experiment) but since I didn't use the supplied yeast, I don't know how it affected the wine. At any rate it was delicious, and had a Gamay-like freshness, a pinkish red color, and a delicious zing. I've already decided to age the age-worthy, but to enjoy the young and brilliant. Good choice!
Reviewed by:  on 10/3/2017

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