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Volcanic Red Passport Series 2015

Volcanic Red Passport Series 2015

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Pre-order for March 2015 Release

From Vineco in the tradition of Cellar Craft. The Passport SeriesTM will replace the KenRidgeTM Showcase Collection and will be a standalone brand focusing solely on exclusive and unique, high quality limited release wines. Continuing with the strong traditions set forth by KRSC, the Passport SeriesTM is committed to bringing you an exciting collection of premium wines from renowned wine growing regions around the world each year, encouraging you to explore new styles and different regions: it is from this element that we draw the Passport SeriesTM name.

Volcanic Red - 2015 Passport Series

This 18L kit takes 8 weeks, makes 6 gallons, and includes labels.

Volcanic Red - Curicó Valley, Chile

Sweetness: DryAlcohol: 14%Body: Full

Three classic Chilean varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenère and Merlot make this bold, full bodied blend erupting with sweet fruit flavours from the Cabernet Sauvignon, spicy and earthy notes from the Carménère, rounded out with soft fruit and chocolate notes from the Merlot. Deep red, smooth and balanced, with a lingering finish.

The Curicó Valley is located in the Central Valley, south of Chile’s capital Santiago. The Mediterranean climate of hot days and cool humid nights is very beneficial for the development of flavour and aroma in the wines. The region’s soil is composed of limestone and volcanic rock from the Andes, deposited in the valley over time by the rivers. The combination of the climate and soil are ideal for growing all three varieties found in the Volcanic Red.

Serve with roasted or grilled meats such as lamb, beef or chicken. Indian curry, mushroom risotto, or Spanish Paella are also great matches. Try cheeses like blue or other hard cheeses such as Asiago with this bold Chilean blend.

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