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Wine Bottle Filler - 3 Spout - Deluxe
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Wine Bottle Filler - 3 Spout - Deluxe

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Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Filler - 3 Spout

A professional quality Wine Bottle filler without breaking the bank. This 3 Spout Wine Bottle Filler is constructed of durable, easy to clean stainless steel and allows you to fill 3 bottles simultaneously. This filler will fill bottles to a consistent level every time, automatically stopping when the liquid reaches your preset fill level. Easily adjust the fill height by changing the height of the float valve or adjust the stainless steel bottle rest. Using a purely mechanical, gravity flow system, the Wine Bottle Filler needs no electricity or pumps. Fill the interior reservoir with your liquid from your container vessel, connected by a 5/8" input tube, and depress the spouts to fill. Each of the 3 spouts will need to be primed before filling using the included rubber bulb siphon. Once filling, you may need to occasionally re-prime a spout that has stopped siphoning. The input tube requires 5/8" ID tubing to connect your container to the Wine Bottle Filler. Tubing is not included.

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