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Wyeast 2252 PC Rasenmaher Lagerbier

Wyeast 2252 PC Rasenmaher Lagerbier

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Wyeast 2252-PC Rasenmäher Lager Yeast

Beer Styles: Light American Lager, Munich Helles, Vienna Lager, Classic American Pilsner
Profile: This versatile lager strain is an excellent choice for brewing your favorite low alcohol lawnmower beer. Fermentations at low temperatures will produce clean lagers that accentuate the malt character of the beer. At high temperatures this strain maintains much of the lager character, but will also yield a mild ester profile that compliments hop aromas and flavors.

Alc. Tolerance 9% ABV  
Flocculation     low
Attenuation      73-77%          
Temp. Range    48-68°F (9-20°C)

Lager yeast will usually be slow to start fermenting. When pitching a lager, it is suggested that you pitch at least twice as much yeast as you would an ale. For this reason, we always recommend a starter for lagers

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