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Zork 30 count Black

Zork 30 count Black

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While Supplies Last   2017

The ZORK is a combination closure and pull-off capsule which fits on many standard 750 ml wine bottles including the 750 ml burgundy and bordeaux bottles.
Once opened, the closure essentially becomes a re-usable T-cork!

ZORK closures may be put on by hand (a quick soak in warm water will make this easier). The ZORK Wine Closure creates a superb,leak-free seal both internally as a regular closure and by its tight grip on the outside structure of standard wine bottles. To open the bottle, tear off the spiral strip, and remove the T-Cork closure. The T-Cork closure may be reinserted repeatedly as you consume the bottle.

The ZORK Wine Closure provides a better seal than natural cork products, and a professional and highly attractive finish to your wines without need for either a corker or a corkscrew!

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