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aPour Premium Wine Dispsensing System from Fermtech
aPour Premium Wine Dispsensing System from Fermtech

aPour Premium Wine Dispsensing System from Fermtech

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Store and serve up to 8 bottles!
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a'Pour Premium Wine Dispsensing System from Fermtech

Kit Includes: 1 x aPour Premium Wine Dispenser, 1 x pre-sanitized Oxygen Barrier Bag with Deluxe Dispensing Tap (replacement bags available in packs of 3), 1 x Pressure Filler™

  • Keeps 8 bottles of your wine fresh for up to 6 months.
  • Reusable, portable dispenser is engineered to last.
  • The included Pressure Filler™ is designed to maximize volume and make filling a breeze.
  • Reduces bottling, corking, labeling.

Can I refill my aPour bag and reuse it?
No. Fermtech's Oxygen Barrier Bags are presanitized and intended for single use only. Additional bags can be found here.

How long will my wine stay fresh using the aPour system?
With proper sanitation and filling (topping up to minimize oxygen) you can expect your wine to retain its freshness for up to 6 months. However freshness depends on many variables. Once opened, it’s suggested the wine be consumed within 2 months, particularly once it is less than half full.

I love the look of aPour but I use smaller wine bags. Can I use my aPour dispenser with pre-filled bags of different sizes?
Yes. As long as the bag you are using has a similar Dispensing Tap found on the aPour bag, your aPour dispenser can be used to load pre-filled wine bags under 6 litres (for proper disassembly & assembly please see videos). Most boxed wine taps will fit.

How do I care for my aPour?
Your aPour will retain its lustre longer if you use a soft cloth such as a lint free cloth to clean it. Never use abrasives on the surface otherwise the glossy finish may be scratched.

Can I use the Pressure Filler for other filling applications?
No, the Pressure Filler was specifically designed to work with the aPour.

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