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pH Test Kit Envelope

pH Test Kit Envelope

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pH Test Kit Envelope


1. Remove one test strip of No. 114 test paper.
2. Hold one end of test strip between index finger and thumb.
3. Dip the test strip into solution to be tested to about 1/2" for 1-2 seconds.
4. Shake off excess liquid and match color of strip to color chart provided with test strips.
5. Do not allow test strip to dry before reading color against chart.
3 Stars
The kit I purchased has all the parts named but I am not sure how good the testing is with this kit- I tested Kombuca tea I brewed with it and it came up to say 4.0 as to PH but then I tested some rainwater-- which should read close to 7.0 and it also read 4.0 .... not satisfying me that the answer is real.
Reviewed by:  on 3/31/2016

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